COVID-19: The Office is Open!

COVID-19 Re-Opening Notice

General Rules:

  • All patients are expected to wear a mask before they enter the office.

  • We ask that patients do not touch anything unless directed by the doctor or staff.

  • Marked tape will be placed in front of each reception desk at least 2 metres apart in the waiting room to enforce physical distancing.

  • Plexi-Glass Shields will be placed to provide barrier and safety between staff and patients.

  • There will be a Sanitation Station by the front door to be used when you enter and when you leave the office

  • Only one doctor will be seeing in-office visits per day (Monday – Saturday)

  • We will only be booking approximately 50% in-office appointments per day so we encourage you to book an appointment 1-2 weeks in advance.

  • We encourage you to still book telehealth visits (telephone or virtual) if the reason for your visit does not require an in-office visit.

  • If you need to book an appointment, we prefer you to call versus coming physically into the office.

  • No patients are allowed in the waiting room, please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment, unless you are okay with waiting outside.

  • If we are at capacity, please wait outside until a patient has left or an MOA is available to speak with you

  • We ask that if you feel any symptoms related to COVID-19 to avoid coming into the office

If you have an appointment:

  • Please wear a mask

  • Please only arrive 5 minutes before your appointment, if not you will be expected to wait outside

      • Feel free to call our office to see if your doctor is running behind schedule

  • If you are feeling any symptoms related to COVID-19 please call our office ASAP to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Cleaning & Hygiene Practices

  1. Identified surfaces that people often touch will be disinfected twice a day

    • Handles

    • Chairs in waiting area

    • Coffee tables in waiting area

    • All equipment/instruments (either mounted or unmounted) throughout the clinic

    • Sanitation Station

  1. Exam rooms will be disinfected after every visit

    • exam bed, stool chair, sink area & handles

    • blood pressure cuffs (if applicable)

    • any mounted medical equipment (if applicable)

    • Baby scale & measuring board (if applicable)

  1. Staff will wash hands after taking a patient to the room as well as after disinfecting an exam room

Thank you in advance from the doctors and staff at Metrohealth Clinic for following these guidelines and doing your part in stopping the spread of COVID-19